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PV Glass Curtain Wall Can Create Green Energy For Rail Transit

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(China Glass Network) In yesterday, a salon focused on urban underground space for energy conservation and pollution emission and environment protection problems was held on Shanghai. Academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, professor of Tongji University Sun Jun suggested, despite of popularization of LED energy saving lamp, we can make the most use solar or wind energy, geothermal energy, and other renewable energy in all kinds of underground space, instead of fossil fuel in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Professor Sun Jun explained “If only  turn the high building’s glass curtain wall  into PV glass curtain wall, the energy efficiency can be greatly improved. And the green electricity it creates can be used in rail transit. ”  Wuxi city has built the world’s largest PV low-energy ecological building- Suntec Power headquarters office building which covers an area of 18000 square meter. The whole building adopts PV glass curtain wall and other solar PV integrated material. Through PV effect, it turns the solar power into electricity which can directly provide electric power for the whole building. Professor Sun Jun said, despite the high building and super-high building transformation, the large green land and metro entrance and exit and other public places all can lay solar cell panel. And the green electricity it produced can be used in rail transit and tunnel. European first solar power railway tunnel has been put into operation in Belgium.

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