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Sam Adams unveils ultimate beer glass

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Boston Beer Co. unveiled a special glass today so customers can savor its Samuel Adams brand beer.


Wine lovers have long used crystal stemware to help experience the exquisite nose of a French merlot or a frisky Australian vin ordinaire, and now the Boston brewer thinks beer connoisseurs have achieved a similar level of discernment when it comes to appreciating state-of-the-art advances in lager delivery-systems.


According to the company, the new Samuel Adams Boston Lager Pint Glass is the first glass specifically designed to showcase beer as brewers intended.


Sparing no effort, Boston Beer said it recruited "world-renowned sensory experts" to work on the design of a glass that beginning in March, will be sold in packages of four for $30 at www.samueladams.com.


One feature of the new glass is a neck-and-lip design that "helps sustain the head of the beer, which enhances the release of signature Noble hop aromas found in Samuel Adams Boston Lager," the company said.


"It's a personal passion of mine to develop a beer glass that elevates the craft-beer drinking experience," Jim Koch, company chairman and founder of the Samuel Adams beer brand, said in a statement. "We wanted to create a glass that offers beer lovers a full sensory experience by fully showcasing Samuel Adams Boston Lager's complex balance of malt and hop flavors."

(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

Source: http://www.boston.com/business/ticker/2007/02/sam_Author: shangyi

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