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Corning develops germ-proof smartphone glass

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After making scratchproof glass for smartphones and tablets in past years, Corning is now working on making its famous Gorilla Glass resistant to germs and glare as well, a tech site reported.


Mashable said Corning is adding anti-reflective and anti-microbial technology to further protect the touchscreens of mobile electronic devices.


"Corning is working to invent a cover glass that can kill both drug-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant viruses," it quoted Corning senior vice-president and operations chief of staff Jeffrey Evenson as saying at the MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit 2013 last June.


Evenson said Corning started its work on anti-microbial technology for the health care industry, but eventually realized a bigger market for the successor of Gorilla Glass.


Mashable noted germ-fighting screens would be good news for any consumer as recent studies indicated cell phones have more germs than a toilet seat, kitchen counter, a pet's food dish, checkout screen and doorknob.


Also, Evenson said Corning is working on anti-reflective glass to counter screen glare.


"It's going to make sunlight reading much, much easier," Mashable quoted Evenson as saying.

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