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Coastal Glass Distributors Merges with Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products

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Coastal Glass Distributors was at the heart of a three-way merger announced Monday by Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products Inc. CEO Leon Silverstein.


The Charleston, S.C.-based glass fabricator joins Aldora Aluminum, while SMI Aluminum Systems (SMI) and Architectural Glass Products (AGP) will now officially operate as Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products Inc., according to a company release. Aldora and Coastal will operate independently while sharing common ownership. Current senior management of both companies will continue in their current roles as well as participating as owners.


This transaction will combine the products and services of two of the best glass and aluminum distribution locations on the East Coast,” Silverstein says in the release. “The resulting organization will provide a complete glass and aluminum product line to customers from South Florida to Tennessee. We look forward to the synergies and growth that these two companies can generate.”


Under the new arrangement, Coastal’s facility will provide Aldora’s aluminum storefront and doors to its customers, while Aldora, a glass and aluminum fabricator, can begin to offer Coastal’s glass line to its customers, the release says.


We’re very happy,” says Trent Hartley, the sales and marketing director at Coastal Glass Distributors.  “What Leon has been doing and what we’ve been doing is very complimentary to each other.”


Miramar, Fla. will continue to serve as the location of Aldora’s company’s headquarters, with Rick Silverstein supervising the Aldora operations in Miramar, Pompano Beach and Altamonte Springs, Fla. The team of Trent Hartley, Joel Fletcher and Jim Green will continue overseeing Coastal Glass.


The two locations will be working closely to integrate products and distribution to the expanded geography, according to the release.


We had been looking at metals for a long time,” Hartley says. “This was absolutely perfect.”

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