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Glass conquers the world

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Against the backdrop of the controversial development of the Russian construction industry affect the success of the glass industry: in 2000, was released 86 million m2 of glass in 2010 - already 190 million m2, and production growth continues. Whereby such successes - this we talk to the president of the National Joint Council of glass industry "StekloSouz" Victor Osipov.- Victor Ivanovich, how would you explain this phenomenon?


- The fact that the glass is conquering the world. Even 20 years ago, glazed surfaces in buildings accounted for 7.6%, and now up to 100%. You walk down the street and did not notice how much more was around the glass. Architects bolder increase the size of the windows, bay windows, all kinds of canopies, awnings. Bus shelters almost entirely made of glass. The furniture industry is also increasingly uses the glass - in the fashion glass cabinets, tables, chairs and even have made of this material. By the way, in Dusseldorf built an experimental building, made entirely of glass.

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 "City Gate" - high-rise office building built in 1998 in Dusseldorf, Germany


- I would not want to live in such a building. After all, even a new pathology doctors discovered and named the "glass disease". The person feels uncomfortable when it's all in plain sight.


- I agree that all must know when to stop. And in the "glass" houses translucent structures enclose only the common areas, winter gardens, one of the walls in the living room can be glass. A working and living rooms into them with normal windows, just off the street creates the illusion that the house is full of glass. But people do not stop experimenting. The architects are seeking to express themselves, to customers with strong nerves like walking on glass floor and amaze friends and acquaintances. A house in Düsseldorf perfectly demonstrates the modern possibilities of glass. Glass, if you think about it, all the magic stuff. In our minds it is associated with something fragile, and unless we can compare it with the metal? But metal in 50-100 years in the land turns into dust, and the excavations are glass, had lain in the earth for thousands of years. Over the past 50-60 years, thanks to scientific advances mankind has learned to get the glass with the most unusual properties. That new possibilities of glass allow you to use it in construction as well. Across the country there is a massive replacement of old windows on the windows of the new generation. They meet the new requirements of the thermal conductivity of building envelopes. Learned to produce bullet-proof, sound-proof glass, that does not pass the ultraviolet rays. However, this one can not be surprised. Among the new technologies of interest is self-cleaning glass. It is well known how difficult it is to care for the surfaces of the glass. When will be able to mass-produce self-cleaning glass, this problem will be largely solved. The rain is falling - on the outer surface of the glass coated with a special formulation is a kind of reaction - and the glass itself pomylos.


A relatively new trend in the glass industry - the production of foamed glass. This is an amazing heat-insulation material with virtually no drawbacks: a light, no burning, is not less than one hundred years. On its improvement scientists are fighting our institutions.


An important direction of scientific research - the creation of technologies that make the glass more safe in collisions transport in bomb attacks, with other emergency. Thus, use laminated steel - glass laminate, which is inserted between special sheets of the polymer film holding the pieces. When Moscow began to build more buildings of glass, we faced a number of challenges. And then, Vladimir Resin, who led the construction sector of the city, proposed the creation of the Commission on Security glazing. We regularly meet and discuss emerging issues. About Moscow commission known in the regions to us for advice and assistance from different cities. The Commission has worked for almost 10 years. It is a pity that the new head of the architectural and building complex of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin until reviving its activities. But life does not stand still, always something new.


- Our country is self-sufficient in the glass?


- In general, yes. The number of plants was reduced by half - in the USSR was 28 float glass plants, almost all of the territory of the Russian Federation, and now employs 14. But we are exporting and importing glass. Take out 15-18% of its production. Is exported usually float glass, i.e. a sheet. We have it, for example, buy the Baltic states. They shut down after the collapse of the Soviet Union at the old factories and new ones were built. And we import glass types that are not produced in our country, usually for unique objects.


- Approved by the Russian Ministry of Regional Development Strategy for the development of industry of building materials and construction industry until 2020. What are the objectives it set before the glass industry?


- As part of the strategy developed prospects and our industry. At the Ministry of Regional Development established a coordinating council that oversees the implementation of the strategy. As a board member I can say that there is hope for 2020 make a real difference in the revival of the industrial base of the construction industry. There is a section on strategy and our glass industry.


By 2016, we will reach the level of production volumes of 320-350 million m2. By 2020, to meet the needs of the construction industry - and it needs to be sent two-thirds of manufactured glass - we will have to produce more than 500 million m2 of glass, that is, 2.5 times more than now. This will require the introduction of new capacity. Over the past three years we have managed to attract the industry about $ 1.9 billion These rates will hopefully be able to build up.


Number of challenges remain in the development of legislative and regulatory framework. But now in this direction quite productive working NOSTROY, glass public to cooperate with him, so that the regulatory framework is gradually improving. I must say that in recent years have become increasingly behave regional authorities are interested in creating jobs. People turn to us with a proposal to put governors in their territories glassworks. Negotiations are underway for the opening of a number of regions, new production - in Dagestan, Stavropol region, Ulyanovsk, Voronezh, Leningrad Oblast, Siberia and the Far East. Today, the companies belonging to Russian investors, produces 40% of production and 60% - with the participation of foreign capital in 2020 figures to be swapped.


All new production will be based on modern technology to meet the requirements of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Our plants - energy-intensive, they have to buy large amounts of power. Therefore, they are now focused on building their own generating capacity, and possibly in the future, and will sell the surplus.


- The industry managed to maintain the level of science and education?


- We survived eight research institutes, universities 7 train engineers and 3 college - mid-level professionals. Our association maintains contacts with all we know about their problems and try to solve their common efforts. Unfortunately, not all graduates remain in the industry. But our plants are trying to attract and keep young people, visionary leaders to develop a plan to help young professionals to acquire housing.


I take this opportunity to congratulate all my colleagues on the building complex of the professional holiday and wish for this holiday new projects, new victories in the challenges and, of course, the realization conceived plans.


Interview by reporter online magazine "Stroitelstvo.RU" Tatiana Shavina


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