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Advenira Enterprises Inc. receives key patent and presents optical coatings technology at Glass Performance Days in Finland

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Advenira Enterprises Inc., a developer of Solution Derived Nano-composite (SDN™) coating technology, today announced it has received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark office of issuance of patent US 8,506,709. This important patent enables the company's advanced functional, protective and optical nano-composite coatings to be deposited on flat substrates such as polycarbonate, metals and glass with low cost and high performance.

The company produces a unique alternative to the commonly used vacuum (PVD, CVD, ALD, etc.) and non-vacuum (electroplating, CBD, screen-printing, etc.) deposition techniques. The key advantages of SDN are the excellent uniformity and performance at substantially lower capital, operating costs with high throughput and utilization of material.

Low-emission (low-e) coatings on architectural glass are a key component for creating sustainable, energy efficient buildings. They act as optical filters, which selectively reflect incoming infrared radiation while transmitting visible wavelengths. The company recently presented some results of its development at Glass Performance Days in Tampere, Finland with great interest.

"Being invited to participate in an important conference like GPD confirms our belief that there is a tremendous need for new coating solutions that enable greater energy efficiency," said Elmira Ryabova, CEO/CTO of Advenira. "As we continue our development, the Advenira team is honored by this recognition and validation from the glass industry leadership."

Improving on traditional liquid based coating techniques, Advenira has pushed the nano-composite technology to the next level through a low-cost, high-volume sheet coating production system, to which it filed important patent protection. The combination of high-efficiency materials usage and low-cost manufacturing techniques allows Advenira to reach cost savings greater than 50% compared to other coating technologies.

About Advenira

Advenira Enterprises Inc., is a Sunnyvale, CA based company that develops a novel Solution Derived Nano-composite (SDN™) technology that allows for low-cost/high-throughput multifunctional coatings deposition on practically any type/shape/material substrate. Advenira is commercializing the technology in the Glass, Polycarbonate, Semiconductor and Petrochemical industries with significant advantages over traditional techniques. http://www.advenira.com



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