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Flexible handling of glass in glass warehouses

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When competing for customers and in the case of urgent jobs, it can be an advantage to have the most popular types of glass in stock. If there is no room in the existing warehouse, HEGLA can offer various compact storage options that increase capacity significantly.

Space saving arranged directly next to one another

Compared to conventional storage of raw glass on one- or two-sided storage frames, with HEGLA Compact Storage solutions, frames are not separated by service aisles, but are arranged directly next to one another, thus saving space. This reduces the amount of space required for handling, which instead can be used to increase storage capacity. With various compartment widths, the compact store is adapted to suit customers’ individual production processes. Smaller compartments enable more types of glass to be kept in store, whilst larger storage units are appropriate where greater quantities of a particular type of glass need to be kept in stock. Depending on the configuration of the compartments, compared with storage on A-frames, the number of storage spaces can be increased by up to 200 per cent.

At the same time, the compact method of storage reduces transportation distances, so that handling is optimised. 

Individually or Jointly Moved L-Frames

For loading and unloading the individual L-frames are moved, either individually or jointly, on a rail system, until a working gap appears in front of the required storage compartment. The operator, or for example an automatic loading system, then has sufficient space to access the material. After that, the gap is closed again and can be moved on to the next glass storage compartment.

Expert Assembly of Rail System Decisive

Expert assembly of the rail system is decisive for the functioning of the Compact Storage. So that a rack store remains in the position into which is was previously moved, the rails are levelled with precision and then lined underneath. This is to increase stability and to provide lasting protection against down time in the storage facility, such as might be caused by racks that jam or do not run smoothly. “We consciously invest a little more time in the assembly of our compact stores, and are happy to do so. Our stores are designed for sustainability, and our claim here is that they will function with precision, and problem-free, years after delivery”, says HEGLA’s managing director, Manfred Vollbracht

To protect the glass with care, the L-frames are torsion-resistant, shock-proof and low-vibration.

patented travel machanisms

The patented travel mechanisms are designed in a nested manner, and allow the compartments to be pushed together in order to be as compact as possible.

The HEGLA Compact Storage is available in manual and motor-driven versions. Each store is designed to suit the glass dimensions of a production company, and any size of capacity can be chosen, for example from a small glass store for self-assembly to large automatic stores for industrial needs


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