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Glass recycling now available in Sierra Vista

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SIERRA VISTA — Clean glass bottles and jars can be dropped off for recycling at the new Sierra Vista Glass Recycling Depot as part of the city’s trial glass recycling project. The Glass Recycling Depot, located in the parking lot of the Pedro Castro Government Maintenance Center, is a glass collection point that is separate from the weekly blue bin curbside pickup.


The city is partnering with Strategic Materials, a Phoenix-based company, to collect and recycle glass into useable everyday materials, such as fiberglass insulation, food and beverage containers, reflective material and other consumer and industrial products.


The glass recycling project is offered on a trial basis to gauge both community and vendor interest. The partnership will continue if it is beneficial to recyclers, the city, and Strategic Materials.


By weight, glass typically makes up about 5 percent of the municipal solid waste, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In Sierra Vista, this equates to about 600 tons of glass dumped in the landfill each year.


Keeping glass out of the landfill not only helps repurpose materials, it also helps expand the useful life of the county landfill,” said Mary Jacobs, Sierra Vista assistant city manager. “This pilot project gained momentum because of requests from citizens, and the city is glad to add this project to our efforts to help preserve our environment and natural resources.”


Glass collected at the depot will be picked up and transported by Strategic Materials at no cost to the city.


When dropping off glass jars and bottles, please:


Drop off only clear and colored glass bottles and jars

Empty containers and clean out food residue, remove lids and corks

Place glass recyclables in the bins, not on the ground outside of them

It is okay to leave broken bottles and jars, and labels don’t need to be removed.


The success of the glass recycling project can be ensured by placing only permissible materials in the bins. Unacceptable items are: ceramics, windshields, cookware, light bulbs, window glass, fish tanks, mirrors and dishes (including drinking glasses). Glass is never permitted in the blue curbside pick up bins.


If glass is placed in the blue bins, not only is it a safety issue for our workers, but the entire truckload of paper and plastic recyclables is rerouted to the landfill because of contamination,” said Richard Cayer, Public Works operation manager. “We’ve tried to make it easy and convenient for residents to drop off glass for recycling.”


The Sierra Vista Glass Recycling Depot is located at the south end of the Petro Castro Government Maintenance Center parking lot, at 401 Giulio Cesare Ave.


For more information including frequently asked questions, please visit www.SierraVistaAZ.gov (search “glass”).

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