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Out of print August issue of "Glass and Ceramics" for 2013.

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Was published 8th issue of a monthly research journal "Glass and Ceramics" for 2013.

Contents of the August issue:

- Features manufacture of foam glass tseolitschelochnoy charge.The characteristics of heat-activated pore formation tseolitschelochnoy charge. Found that by maintaining the dry granular blend air in it occurs carbonation free NaOH to form a hydrated sodium carbonate - Na3 [CO3] [HCO3] · 2H2O. The same process occurs with NaOH, occluded intracrystalline pore zeolite channels. Sodium carbonate, a prisoner in the intracrystalline pores and channels of zeolites is an additional source of pore-forming gas - CO2. This allows you to get out of zeolite rocks foam glass with a density of 100 - 150 kg/m3.


- Changing the characteristics of nanoscale coatings under the action of aggressive media. The influence of the nature of the etching solution.


The variation of some parameters nanoscale coating under the action of 0.1 N solution of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Was found that swelling occurs in hydrochloric acid intensively than in nitrogen. The intensity of the dissolution of nanoscale coatings in 0.1 N nitric acid solution is directly proportional to, and in hydrochloric acid is inversely proportional to the duration of etching.

Source: http://steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=2558Author: shangyi

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