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Guardian RIBA accredited CPD's help drive glass specifications

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Over the past few years advanced architectural coated glass has improved dramatically. New developments in glass coating technology have lead to the production of some of the most advanced coated glasses to date.   

New double and triple silvered coated glass used on facades have a stabilizing effect on the interior of a building, providing optimal thermal insulation, solar control and high light transmission, all achieved in an almost completely neutral glass.  This has given way to a whole new level of thinking on glass specification, allowing glazed areas to flood buildings with light without compromising building efficiency.


The desire for greater areas of glass in specifications has also been strictly controlled by changes in legislation, standards and building regulation, where a detailed understanding of glass and glazing products is a necessity to ensure the right product is specified to fulfil the right requirement on any project.


Two help architects, designers and specifiers to gain a more in depth knowledge into these important areas the Guardian Glass CPD’s offer vital information to anyone specifying glass into building projects.  The CPD’s cover the following topics:


Building Regulation Document L and Energy Efficient Glass - Seminar


In 2010, Building Regulations Document L was revised to further drive the UK towards energy conservation and reduce CO2 emissions. This revision had an almost profound effect on glass specifications, laying new guidelines on performances.


This seminar puts the effect of Document L on glass specification into context, providing detailed information on performance requirements and explains the new parameters set for glass and glazing specification.


Glass as a Design Material - Seminar


As familiar as we all are with glass and its use in buildings, this seminar takes a more innovative approach, looking at different applications and uses in building, beyond the average perception of glass specification.


The seminar also takes a technical approach, dealing with standards and the regulations influencing glass specification.


Coated Glass and Energy Balance in Buildings  - Seminar


This seminar looks at the different types of coated glass available on the market. By evaluating and explaining coated glass performance, the seminar demonstrates how the right glass specification can reduce energy consumption on your project, through thermal insulation, solar control, and providing high light transmission. This helps to make your project more environmentally sound and sustainable. The seminar also looks at the Passivhaus glazing specification, and finishes with a review on achieving BREEAM points through high performance glass specification on projects.


The Production, Technical Aspects and use of Glass in Architecture


- Half day glass works tour and seminar


This is an opportunity to experience the size and scale of float glass manufacture and laminated glass production, providing all the detailed information required to specify glass on any project.


The seminar is held in our interactive glass room, where you can test the physical attributes of annealed, toughened and laminated glass, as well as coated thermal efficient and solar control glasses, for yourself.


For further information on our CPD’s and to make an online booking visit www.guardianglass.co.uk/architectural/bookcpd

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