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The Most Awaited Event of the Year

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Vitrum is always held in fall and hence near the end of the fiscal year. This makes it quite useful for assessing the progress made during the year and formulating an accurate forecast for the following year.  

And hence, as Vitrum opens its doors, we prepare to formulate a preliminary balance sheet, although reserving the option to revisit the topic on the next issue of News Online, so that we may complete or confirm the full or partial validity of these projections.


The first and probably most important thing to consider is Europe, which is finally giving signs of reawakening. Even the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi dared say recovery is indeed here, weak and in need of support, but nonetheless already giving clear signs of its presence; this means that in the near future we should see that blessed + sign finally appear in front of numbers in our statistics. This perspective comforts us tremendously, as Europe still remains the heart of our business system, and 50% of our business depends on it. This is the main target of research and investments that make our glass industry stand out.


Needless to say, Europe is not the only concern: the rest of the world is watching and waiting. Everyone will flock to Vitrum  to see first hand what we have in store for next year and how we plan to meet the increasing demand of mature economies, primarily the USA, those of recently established economies such as India, China, Brazil and newly emerging economic areas like South Africa.  An international vocation, that of Vitrum, with deep roots in Europe and a global outlook.


The 18th Vitrum trade show will be even more special thanks to an initiative seemingly extraneous to our sector and yet perfectly akin to it: the presence of Alfa Romeo, an amazing brand of global appeal. On display will be 8 iconic models from the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum collection, dating from the '30 on up to the recent past, which stand witness to the brilliant blend of creativity and technological research that characterizes Italian design. A tradition made even more lively and current by the recently launched and already internationally acclaimed brand-new 4C model, also on display at Vitrum.

Source: www.vitrum-milano.itAuthor: shangyi

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