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Horn Float glass furnace in Dagestan heated up successfully !

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There was the long-awaited event today: CFG furnace warm up commenced !!!


The day was a culmination of efforts by many people. The close-knit CFG Project Team together with CFG Partners having worked hard for the key moment. The recruitment training and development of over 300 local people and the building of the plant was no longer a plan it is now a reality.

CFG Executive Director opened the event with an opening speech then gave the floor to the Board of Directors (BOD).


The BOD opened a speech personally thanking all involved in the project and the teamwork and professionalism shown by all.

“We thank all involved in the creation of the business, the teamwork, the professionalism and most importantly the commitment of the many construction workers over the past years. The Project Team with help of well-chosen partners erected an excellent market leading technological plant.“

The speech ended with a note for the Operations team:


“Today is the beginning of a new Industry here in Makhachkala and a new producer in the glass market. The BOD hinted at new products for 2014 and with the technological support of a market leader in coating technology CFG next year will be a major player in coated products. The Operations Team should today be proud what it has been presented with and what this means to Dagestan. Appreciation of efforts to all involved in the project should not be forgotten”.


The General Director and Technical Director Mr Jeremy Martyn Tyndall and Mr Axel Troester then made short speeches.

“We have had two very challenging years, however, the result of these last two years and hard-work by all is evident. We have all the right to be proud of our result”

“When we started the Project people kept asking in surprise: “Are you really joining a project in Dagestan?!” We replied: “Yes, we are”. Some people never believed CFG would succeed, but we as a team DID SUCCEED ”


The event finished with the BOD along with the management team launching together the start of Furnace Warm Up.



Source: Caspian Flat GlassAuthor: shangyi

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