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VOULéVOU? -Another type of recycling

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The new grape juice of the innovative Zurich hoteliers Giusep Fry and his two partners is precious and sparkling. "voulévou" presents itself elegantly in the artistic designed 33-cl glass bottle. The bottle design, or more precisely, the sleeve of the bottle, was created by the South African designer Bruce Roberts and the illustrations by Tina Bering, a Berlin artist.Hidden under the fashionable and stylish sleeve, that is available in two colours according to its content, is an engraved white bottle from Vetropack Austria. The bottles themselves were produced between March 2003 and March 2005 for the winery that bottles “voulévou” since middle of 2011. As the drink that was originally meant to be sold in these bottles was filled in larger ones, the idea of the sleeve arose. Thanks to the sleeve the engraving is invisible. 23.03.2012, Vetropack/vetropack.ch

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