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Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer – High Performance and it Bends!

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Spurred by customer demand, Thermoseal Group - manufacturer of Thermobar warm edge spacer tube and supplier of IG components and glass machinery - now offers to bend Thermobar into curves and arches.Sales Director, Mark Hickox comments: “We have developed a simple cost-effective method of bending Thermobar into curves and arch tops using existing equipment in our Georgian Pattern Fabrication Department. We will of course share this method to assist customers looking to bend our spacer tube.Our initial aim with Thermobar was to develop a warm edge spacer tube with a performance of the highest calibre and then to increase the capacity of our manufacturing facility to supply the waiting list of customers and the growing market for warm edge products. Since its initial introduction in October 2010, we have already developed two versions of the bar in three different colours including: Thermobar (with gas barrier tape) and Thermobar LITE (without gas barrier) in Black, Grey and White, as well as a wide range of compatible components including: Bespoke Corner Keys; Flexi Keys; Gas Keys and fittings; Duplex fittings, and a range of Muntin bar and fittings.We will continue to listen to our customers in ensuring that Thermobar suits future IG manufacturing requirements and production methods.”For further information regarding Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube or any of the machinery and consumables available from Thermoseal Group, call 0845 331 3950 or visit www.thermosealgroup.com. 28.02.2012, Thermoseal Glass Corp.

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