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Clear: the new transparent PV module from Eurener

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The photovoltaic module manufacturer opens the year with a new product The module transparency is excellent for architectural integration and its high performance ensures high profitability The R&D Department of Eurener again overcomes itself with great innovations in a very competitive market The photovoltaic module manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in the industry is launching a new product. Clear solar module opens the year with a strong innovation conducted by Eurener own R&D Department transforming and improving architectural integration solutions for solar installations.It consists of 60 cells of crystalline silicon, has positive tolerance and power up to 250Wp. To ensure the effectiveness of the electrical performance of the product is performed an individual electrical test by cell sorter on the same production line, the glass is 4mm thick with high light transmittance and the frame has an air chamber to provide greater mechanical strength.Clear module nomenclature is CEPV-Monocrystalline and CEP-Polycrystalline depending on the type of cells that compose it. In both cases there are three different variables with the common characteristic of transparency: Clear Standard - silver grey aluminium frame Clear All Black - frame and cells semi-transparent black colored Clear Laminated - no frame to reduce its sizeIt is certified by the most prestigious international laboratories that granted the IEC 61215, IEC 61730, frontal load (snow) of 5400 Pa, back load (wind) of 2400 Pa, C class fire resistance, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.The value and methodology of the R&D Dept. of the company places it in the top rankings in a very competitive market. Their daily work makes the technological future is an affordable present, on the premise of high level specialists and allied scientists. Its mission is to advise, inform, explore, innovate and apply their knowledge for the sake of the customer prosperity by offering new features to enhance the capacity, security and profitability of products for architectural integration (BIPV). 10.01.2013, Eurener\eurener.com

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