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New transistor outlines with data transfer speeds of 28 Gbit/s now available

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TO PLUS is a hermetically sealed package for high-frequency components that is mainly designed to offer high throughput rates with large volumes of data in existing structures. Data transmission rates continue to increase, especially in the field of data and telecommunications. The FC transmission standard in Storage Area Networks (SANs) requires extremely fast data lines in data processing centers and thus extremely high data transfer speeds. The new TO PLUS component meets these demands and was designed especially for use with VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) as Transmitter Optical Sub-Assemblies (TOSA) and Receiver Optical Sub-Assemblies (ROSA).High protection, yet low costs The components are laid out to handle nominal impedance of 50 or 25 Ohm. Wire bond connections to the active device and assembly to fles ciruit boards are difficult when it comes to impedance matching. “Therefore, we had to rethink the design structures,” explains Robert Hettler, Head of Research & Development at SCHOTT Electronic Packaging in Germany. “The new TO component has been improved in such a way that it can now work at data rates of 28 Gbit/s. Additionally the enhanced design allows for a reduction of so-called parasitic influences and increases the high-frequency bandwidth.” This 28 Gb/s TO PLUS header underscores SCHOTT’s technology leadership in designing and manufacturing TO packages.”We are the first and only vendor on the market to offer this technology with data transfer speed of 28 Gbit/s,”Hettler adds.With TO PLUS, SCHOTT offers large series, customer-specific solutions as part of its portfolio. Many customers have been using these TO components in their manufacturing lines for quite a few years. By further developing these to support a data transfer rate of 28 Gbit/s, the complete infrastructure in the area of assembly and application can be left as it is and this translates into high investment protection. Until now, these headers were available with data throughput of either 10 or 14 Gbit/s. 03.04.2013, SCHOTT AG

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