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Do You Decant? Save 10% and Receive a Free Care Kit

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With older wines, it is, of course, the best way to separate the wine from its sediment, by slowly pouring the wine into the decanter, without allowing any sediment to leave the bottle.Younger wines, however, are those which can benefit the most from being decanted. The process increases oxygenation, opening up the wine and revealing greater complexity, aromas and flavours. To fully enjoy young wines, they should be ideally be decanted a few hours ahead of drinking, however, if you don´t have time to do this, then turn the bottle directly into the decanter and let it splash vigorously into the vessel to promote oxygenation before drinking and enjoying. Both white and red wines will benefit from decanting.If you are unsure about the benefits of decanting, why not try this experiment? Using identical glasses, decant half the bottle and pour the other half directly from the bottle - then draw your own conclusions as to which tastes best. If you are lacking the right decanter, fancy an upgrade or searching for a great gift for a wine-lover, we´ve got the perfect incentive, with a 10% discount off all Riedel decanters from now until Sunday 14th April 2013. To benefit from this offer, simply enter coupon code DECANT2013 once you reach the checkout page.What´s more, if you spend £100 or more on Riedel decanters we´ll send you a Riedel Microfibre Crystal Cleaning cloth and Bottle Cleaner free of charge! And to add to the excitement, Riedel´s newest additions, the Boa Decanter, Curly Decanter and Curly Pink Decanter, are available to pre-order now! 25.03.2013, Riedel UK

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