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Verallia Argentina extends ECOVA series

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Verallia Argentina has launched two new ECOVA bottles, expanding the range.In total, there are now seven different models of Champagne and Bordeaux eco-conceived bottles.Verallia Argentina’s “ECOVA tree” continues to grow with the arrival of the Burdeos Vintage bottle, which weighs 450g. This model is the ECOVA version of the 590g classic Burdeos Cónica Baja, which was first redesigned to become the 500g Burdeos Cuyo, and finally to become the Burdeos Vintage.According to the company, one of its main customers, Catena Zapata, will use Burdeos Vintage for its most exported wine brands: Uxmal and Estiba I. 19.04.2013, Verallia Argentina/glass-international.com

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