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Non-Contact Infra-Red Temperature Measurement

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This is an advanced notice about the new Ircon thermal linescanner. This allows continuous process imaging visualisation and control across the full width of the product as it travels along the production line. This can lead to improvements in productivity, quality and improved energy consumption. This is also a key tool for rotating kilns, ladles and torpedo cars - to detect refractory wear.Alternatively, the scanner can be panned over a fixed object, or moved to cover a large area of product being stored (eg for detecting "hot spots" to reduce the risk of fire). Measurements from ambient to over 1000C. Successful applications range from pcb manufacture, solar panel testing and plastic thermoforming to building products, glass and food production.Prices and full details of the product have yet to be released, but if this interests you, please contact us as below or email scanir3@radir.com 05.08.2013, Radir Ltd

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