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Glass Machine Manufacturer Landglass Pay Attention to Optical Pollution

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Heated sun reflections from the yet-to-be-completed, 38-storey glass tower at 20 Fenchurch Street had melted part of a car parked on a nearby street and even been the source of several fires in the area.The phenomenon is caused by the current elevation of the sun in the sky,It currently lasts for approximately two hours per day, it will be present for approximately two to three weeks. It is unclear what kind of glass was used on the building or who installed it.Owners of the building, have agreed to pay for damages to the sports car and quickly constructed a scaffold screen at street level to temporarily minimize damage to the surrounding area until permanent corrections can be made. Three parking bays in the area have also been closed as a precaution.Curtain wall glass is very important for modern building, and Low-E glass used in building is a trend. Low-E glass has a high visible sunlight transmittance. The transmittance can reach up to 80%, while the reflectance is very low. Compared with common coated glass, optical performance of Low-E glass has been greatly improved, which can avoid the light pollution of glass curtain wall by light reflection phenomenon.The jet convection glass machine, with advanced jet convection heating technology, is the best choice for tempering Low-E glass. As one of world famous glass machine manufacturers, landglass concentrates on protecting environment all the time. 20.09.2013, landglass.cc\ Luoyang Land Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

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