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Pneumofore celebrates the 90th anniversary

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Established in 1923 by Swiss engineers, Pneumofore continues to research rotary vane technology for 24/7 running factories, with focus on hollow glass plants. Still owned and managed by the same family, Pneumofore remains true to its mission ‘to offer the lowest Life Cycle Cost’ of compressors and pumps. The increasing environmental awareness and understanding blows wind into Pneumofore’s sails, as it luckily anticipated today’s efficiency requirements already in the 70’s.Growing global competition and energy costs motivate plant managers to select accurately their machine investments with a good look to the Total Ownership Cost (TOC), often the purchasing price is almost a negligible fraction of the TOC. Electrical consumption in plants is set under pressure. Thus, reliable and durable and super-efficient machinery finally succeed to be the preferred choice, despite their ‘high’ initial investment cost. Like electricity and water, also compressed air and vacuum need to be available for production without interference; such reliability criteria reduce the choice of vacuum pumps and air compressors suppliers. Pneumofore peaks out with its extensive experience and impressive performance of countless worldwide references created in 90 years of engineering passion over three generations. 02.10.2013, Pneumofore S.p.A.

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