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PowerPlate (P2) Product Line: 9 Flexible Options for Defect-Free Glass Plates

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The PowerPlate product line delivers a high degree of inspection reliability for glass plates. The systems are designed to provide highest flexibility and can be placed in operation at every step of the production chain. PowerPlate not only can be used for quality control purposes but also as an efficient tool for process optimization.The PowerPlate (P²) Product Family Consists of: P²-SIZE: Dimensions, edge defects, broken corners and more P²-INSPECT: Absorbing defects, scratches and more P²-COATING: All coating defects, inhomogeneity and more P²-COLOR: Color homogeneity & color shift control P²-LAMI: Lamination defects & absorbing defects P²-CONTOUR: Size measurement & form check P²-EDGE: Grinding quality, asymmetry check & edge defects P²-OPTICS: Distorting defects, optical defects & Zebra and more P²-3D: Bending inspection, flatness & 3D formYour Benefits at a Glance: Maximized of quality Higher productivity Cost reduction Increased process transparency and process knowledge Optimized and efficient use of resources 31.10.2013, ISRA Vision

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