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Investigation confirms lasting room air improvement in classrooms

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Successful learning has many causes. One important prerequisite is an optimal studying atmosphere with good room acoustics, reasonable room temperature and, not least, room air with as little pollution as possible. Therefore, in many classrooms and common rooms today "Gyptone Activ Air" acoustic boards from Rigips ensure considerably more relaxed room acoustics.The fact that, thanks to their special "Activ´Air" air cleaning effect, they also make a considerable contribution to permanently cleaner room air, is proved by a recent study by the the independent Belgian institute VITO.Test results were collected over a period of five months in two classrooms of a renovated school in Kallo, Belgium. One room was fitted with a normal acoustic ceiling, the other with "Gyptone Activ´Air". In both rooms on average 20 children were respectively given lessons. The sensors installed in the classrooms examined the concentration of formaldehyde, a frequently-found pollutant which can be released, for example, by paint, furniture or floor coverings. On a direct room by room comparison, after the first two months the independent testers reported a reduction of around 60 percent in the harmful gas through the use of "Gyptone Activ´Air" acoustic ceiling panels. After five months the figure had risen to 72 percent. 23.10.2013, Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH

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