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Vitro continues with “Movimiento de la Transparencia”

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With a great concert held at the Lunario of Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional, Vitro strengthens its initiative to raise awareness among the general public about the advantages of glass.Vitro held a concert yesterday at the Lunario of Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional as part of its campaign named “Movimiento de la Transparencia” (Spanish for Transparency Movement) , which tries to drive consumers to choose products bottled in glass for its quality and hygiene advantages, as well as for being a 100% recyclable and an environmentally friendly material.The venue complete full, the attendees enjoyed the performanc es of the musical bands Jenny & the Mexicats, DLD, and María José. It is worth pointing out that the audience received free tickets to assist the concert after taking containers manufactured by Vitro for recycling at the Tlalpan #3000 Collection Center. During the evening, clients, partners, distributors, and representatives of Vitro were also present.“We are very excited about the fulfillment of this event in which we strengthen our initiative for promoting the use of glass in all final consumers. We hope that after witnessing the campaign they will get as excited as us and join this Movement, because every consumer that chooses a product in a glass container not only obtains great benefits, but also benefits greatly the community and contributes to preserving the planet”, stated Roberto Romero Samano, VP – Commercial of Vitro’s Glass Containers business unit.The campaign promotes glass as the ideal container material for food, beverages, wines, liquors, beer, perfumes, and medicines, since it does not alter the flavors nor the odors of the product it contains, it is pure and hygienic, it has an extraordinary capacity for keeping beverages cold, and its transparency allows seeing the product inside the containers and it is 100% recyclable.Vitro is the first glass manufacturer that uses a 360 degree marketing campaign worldwide to inform about the advantages of glass. The campaign started in 2011 as a publicity strategy targeted mainly to young adults between 18 and 34 years of age, through advertisements at the cinema, television, radio, printed media, billboards, and social networks, as well as the internet site www.movimientodelatransparencia.com 09.08.2013, Vitro S.A.B. de C.V.

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