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Reach The Next Quality Level In Coating Process

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Reach The Next Quality Level In Coating ProcessNEW Inspection Features Empower Coating ProductionThe fully automated optical inspection systems for excellent defect detection and exact classification of coating and other irregularities in the surface over the entire glass sheet has been extended by brand new additional features.Multi-Dimensional In-Line Coating Inspection for All Coating RequirementsFor All Coating Processes: +++++++ On-Line building coating (Pyrolitic) +++++++ Off-Line building coating (Magnetron) +++++++ Off-Line technical coating (TCO, E/C, anti-reflective,...) +++++++ MULTI-VIEW TECHNOLOGY COMBI-MODE• ALL-IN-ONE camera system design• Special high frequency switching LED illumination• Combination of multiple optical channels in one system• Only available with ISRA Combi-Mode technologyCOLOR ANGLE SHIFT & HOMOGENITY CONTROL• Large Area Inspection - (LAI) by super sampling of high resolution images• Color angle shift control of the full coating surface in narrow and wide angles to secure the esthetic properties by multilayer coatings• Homogeneity control of the full coating surface• Unique ISRA Multi-Angle color technology for low contrasted defect detectionNEWEST FEATURES FOR UNMATCHED INSPECTION RESULTS• Monitoring of production and material features such as homogenity, opacity• Prime classification based on two classification steps (Type & Severity)• Production control and analysis for quick actions on process improvement• Visualization of quality data via trend reports• Color coded map to visualize measure valuesCOATING INDEX TO ENSURE PERFECT QUALITY GRADING• Grading panels into quality grades “First Quality”, “Second Quality”, “Reject”• Grading by defect count or percentage of “good” and “bad” regions• Split the panel in evaluation regions by count n x m or by size length x width• Defects in the regions can be counted separately, regions are qualified as “good” or “bad” 07.05.2013, Isra Vision

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