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90% of architectural glass should be filmed

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As auto glass film is very popular now, shall architectural glass need film? In the Glass Film Standard Seminar of China Window Film Association, Professor Long Wenzhi concluded that 90% of architectural glass should be stuck with film in China.

In China, only 10%~15% of new buildings are qualified to China compulsory energy-conserving standard and over 80% are high-energy consumption buildings. Buildings consume 40% of total energies, the largest amount among all energy-using products, and 46% of energies are lost from doors and windows. So, building energy should conserve from doors and windows.

According to test, filmed glass has 30%-70% lower heat transfer coefficient than ordinary glass. Besides, films are safe, explosion-proof and antiglare. In developed countries, 90% of architectural glass are filmed while less than 10% are filmed in China.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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