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Building glass industry is blocked

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China glass industry, once ranking No. 1 of the world’s output for 19 consecutive year, now confront with unprecedented difficulties: slowing demand, reducing export volume, increasing raw material prices and off production of some lines. Therefore, in order to improve the healthy development of China glass industry, China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association held the China Glass Annual Meeting 2008 in Guangzhou days ago. About 400 people from related departments and architectural and industrial glass enterprises attended the meeting.

According to Zhang Baiheng, Secretary-General of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, since last year, glass industry has been greatly impacted by the complicated international economic circumstances and a crop of natural disasters in China. The whole industry is, as it were, in the hardest time of late years. Now, there are more than 20 production lines stopped for a variety of reasons. If the contradictions between supply and demand are not solved in a short time, over capacity and limited channels will be bond to affect the healthy development of the whole glass industry.

As for the problems, Zhang Renwei, president of China Building Material Industry Association and president of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, called upon the whole industry to earnestly implement the regulations on flat glass and tightly control new project management procedures, 23 production lines in construction and 19 proposed production lines to be stopped or put off, and key enterprises to play a leading role in achieving the goal of reducing production in order.
Zhang Baiheng has also advised governments to solve the problem of inconsistent local policies as soon as possible, put an end to the local-protecting act, create a fair competitive environment for companies, further regulate the price of fuel, and adjust the export rebate rate of glass to 13%.

“As long as the whole industry work together efficiently and earnestly learn documents for stimulating the adjustment of industry structure, China glass industry surely will have a brighter future.” Said Lu Guixin from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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