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Diamon-Fusion secures bid on large-scale coating project

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Diamon-Fusion International Inc., Irvine, Calif., along with its partner, New York Poly Steel, has secured a bid for a large-scale coating project for the original Tiffany & Co. building at 15 Union Square Street in New York City, according to an Oct. 8 release.The glass fabricators, Saint-Gobain Glass of France, recently won Glass Magazine's 2010 Crystal Achievement Awards for Most Innovative Commercial Retrofit Project. The project will utilize the award-winning Diamon-Fusioncoating, on more than 700 different-sized insulating glass units, to protect the glass from harmful environmental elements, while helping to reduce the maintenance of the glass over time. Through DFI’s patented nano-coating process, the chemical treatment creates a water repellent effect, which enables ease of cleaning and protection against scratches, abrasion, and environmental elements, therefore considerably reducing the costs of maintenance to the facade. The Diamon-Fusion nano-coating is optically clear, and does not affect the natural reflection of the glass exterior.

“Every piece of glass on the building is a unique size to fit a unique aperture in the fa?ade, creating a distinctive challenging in maintaining the appearance of the glass units overtime,” said Carl Christ, director of on-site services, Diamon-Fusion International, in the release. “By treating the glass fa?ade with Diamon-Fusioncoating, we are reducing the need for cleaning and protecting the glass from harsh elements. This is one of several hi-end architectural projects DFI has worked on over the past year, and we are pleased to see the word is spreading among the leading fabricators and architects alike, about the value-added benefits of utilizing Diamon-Fusion coating on these exceptional properties.”

“We are very excited to begin this partnership with iamon-Fusion International with a historic and iconic property such as 15 Union Square West,” said Chris Pearson, owner of New York Poly Steel, in the release. “We see an enormous potential for the Diamon-Fusioncoating to address the needs of architects, building owners, and property managers within the Tri-State market and look forward to working with DFI again many times in the future.”

In similar fashion, another 2010 Crystal Achievement Award winner, the platinum LEED-rated California Academy of Sciences Museum in San Francisco, Calif., partnered with DFI in 2009 to fashion DFI’s flagship Diamon-Fusion nano-coating on all glass doorways for the piazza and the front and back entrances of the building.The Academy chose Diamon-Fusionto reduce both the effort needed and the cleaning chemicals typically employed to clean these high-traffic doorways.In addition, Diamon-Fusion’s scratch-resistant properties will extend the life of these doors that are touched by thousands of visitors daily. The Academy application, along with several other high-profile commercial projects, prompted DFI to develop of a suite of products and services to help commercial property owners and developers, on a global basis, keep their buildings beautified, while reducing harmful chemical usage and the effort needed.

The work for the 15 Union Square Street project is set to be completed by the end of October.

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