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Project Frog teams up with YKK AP

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YKK AP America, Austell, Ga.,and Project Frog, San Francisco,formed a strategic relationship to provide YKK AP’s architectural aluminum products to Project Frog for use in its sustainable building solutions, according to an Aug. 17 release. This partnership enables Project Frog to provide its customers with proven, customized architectural solutions to meet a variety of performance levels up to and including net zero, based on the customer’s specific needs. The collaboration demonstrates YKK AP and Project Frog’s commitment to deliver on its sustainable promises while meeting a strong need to develop cost-effective, energy efficient and rapidly deployable buildings for a variety of building owners.

Project Frog offers a highly effective and proven solution for schools, retail outlets, health care facilities, parks and recreation, and government institutions that are often under financial and time constraints that conventional construction methods cannot address.Project Frog’s goal is to develop these buildings in a sustainable manner, in a shorter amount of time and at a much lower cost than typical commercial building applications. By collaborating with YKK AP, Project Frog is now able to incorporate the highest quality energy efficient fenestration systems available to compliment their own stringent standards for sustainability and quality.

“We are committed to aggregating the best materials on the market for our building projects and YKK AP is just one example of our ability to deliver on our promise,” said Ash Notaney, vice president, supply chain, Project Frog, in the release. “YKK AP’s longtime environmental philosophy and its products align perfectly with our goal of building better, greener, faster and smarter. Not only is this a strategic move for both Project Frog and YKK AP, it also represents a transformation within the construction industry by using technology to advance the building.”

In order to meet the needs of Project Frog to assure repeatable quality, minimize field labor, and support rapid on-site installation with little or no site waste, YKK AP joined forces with its exclusive U.S. fabricated products distributor, Erie Architectural Products.Together, Erie and YKK AP shall provide fully pre-assembled and pre-glazed fa?ade systems for mobilization to Project Frog building sites across the globe.

“Project Frog is a remarkable organization and one in which we feel both proud and privileged to work with," said Oliver Stepe, senior vice president, YKK AP America, in the release."We are excited to support such an exciting initiative and to further promote sustainability to the industry at large.By working with Project Frog, we are opening up a strong opportunity for our energy-efficient architectural products, expanding their use to additional smarter, green building projects.We look forward to a long-standing relationship with Project Frog and to successfully completing many innovative and sustainable projects together.”

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