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NGA submits commercial glazing comments to EPA

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The National Glass Association, McLean, Va., submitted comments to theEnvironmentalProtection Agencyearly last week on behalf of its commercial glazing members, according to a July 8 release. NGA members responded to the NGA’s letter writing campaign in force, and the NGA submitted an industry response, along with letters from member companies, to EPA headquarters. The campaign, and comments to the EPA, was in response to the EPA's April 23 release that included a proposed action that would, if adopted, directly impact the commercial glazing industry.“This is a very important issue that we, as an association, must address in a unified fashion,” said David Walker, vice president of Association Services, NGA, in the release. “By commenting at the beginning of this process, we are standing up for the entire commercial glazing industry.”The NGA recommended either the elimination of the proposal or that the EPA work with the industry to ensure that the rules impacting the glazing industry have the appropriate standards. The NGA and its commercial glazing members asked the EPA to allow the glazing industry some much-needed breathing room to ensure that the increased regulatory burden does not negatively impact an industry already struggling with the downfall in commercial construction.The NGA supports the comments being filed by a number of building industry organizations and intends to work cooperatively with industry to ensure a positive outcome. Stay tuned to glassmagazine.com for updates.

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