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NREL tests prove EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP provide superior performance

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Officials at Guardian Industries, Auburn Hills, Mich.,announced the results of an independent performance study today that proves EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP, the company's laminated parabolic mirror for concentrated solar power applications, provides industry-leading performance, according to a June 24 release.

Tests conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory compared the reflectance of EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP with standard 4-millimeter monolithic mirrors that are currently used in most large solar fields. The tests showed that EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP has a solar reflectance of 96.75, better than any measured 4-mm monolithic mirror.

NREL reported Guardian’s laminated glass reflector has an initial solar-weighted hemispherical reflectance of 96.75 ± 0.09. It has an initial specular reflectance of 95.86 ± 0.08 into a 25-mrad cone angle and 7-mrad of 94.93 ± 0.97. NREL is testing EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP’s long-term durability as well, according to the release.

"The CSP industry needs mirrors that will remain highly reflective for 30-plus years with little to no degradation and will help lower the cost of electricity generated by CSP to be competitive with natural gas," said NREL Senior Scientist Cheryl Kennedy, in the release.

Similar to a car windshield, EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP comprises two layers of glass that are laminated together with a PVB interlayer. A mirrored surface is contained within the laminate on the backside of the forward glass. The thin front glass results in a shorter transmission path and industry benchmark reflectivity performance.

EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP also has been extensively field tested for proven durability and validated using numerous accelerated test protocols. It has passed more than 10 years equivalent of Arizona EMMAQUA (Equatorial Mount with Mirrors for Acceleration with Water) testing and a failure point in 85 degrees Centigrade /85 percentRh exposure has not been found. The combined glass and PVB layers provide superior rigidity and durability compared to traditional monolithic glass systems. The laminated construction also results in optimum damping, wind resistance and reduction of subsequent field component damage.

“We are pleased that NREL’s research shows what we have been saying all along – that EcoGuard Solar Boost Laminated Panels outperform 4mm monolithic reflector panels,” said Scott Thomsen, group vice president of North American Flat Glass Operations, in the release.

Members of Guardian Industries’ solar energy products team will be at the CSP Summit this week in San Francisco to discuss Guardian’s latest solar technology and products, as well as share the recent NREL results.

While at the show, Michael Magdich, Guardian’s general manager of the solar-CSP division, will participate in a forum,“Solar savings - ways to cut the cost of CSP plants,”June 24 at 3 p.m. to discuss ways to increase cost efficiencies in the solar industry.

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