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AAMA launches redesigned Web site

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The newly redesigned American Architectural Manufacturers Association Web site was launched today, according to a June 7 release. The association states that a main objective in redesigning the Web site was increasing ease of navigation to ensure that users can effortlessly take advantage of the vast information AAMA has to offer."Updating the AAMA Web site was a priority initiative, as we think it's vitally important for our members to have quick and easy access to necessary information that is useful for their business and customers," stated Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO, in the release. "Additionally, the Web site was designed to be a resource for other groups, such as homeowners, contractors, and those seeking information on fenestration products or the building products industry." According to Angela Dickson, AAMA marketing manager,the site menu navigation has been improved to include menu items for products, materials, codes and resources. New "hot buttons" on the home page, as well as on all pages throughout the site, direct users to the AAMA Publication Store, the AAMA Certified Products Directory and other frequently-accessed pages within the site. The overall design scheme of the Web site has also been updated, and each audience segment has a distinct branding and color scheme in order to easily differentiate between sections."In addition to improving ease of use, Web site content is customized for the various audience segments who will be visiting the site," Dickson said in the release. "The informational needs of an AAMA member company differ from those of a homeowner seeking information on window selection and media representatives searching for news stories. Tailoring content to each individual audience segment ensures that all site users can easily locate information most relevant to their needs." Featured news stories will now appear on the AAMA home page, as well as tailored news content for each audience segment. Industry and AAMA news stories, as well as notifications of updates to the site, are available through RSS feeds.In conjunction with the overall Web site redesign, changes have also been made to the AAMA e-News, the association's monthly e-newsletter which contains news items related to AAMA and the work of AAMA task groups, committees and councils, according to the release.

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