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Glaston releases financial statement

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Glaston Corp. financial statements Jan. 1-Dec.31,2009 - Orders received in January-December totaled EUR 141.9 (230.5) million. Ordersreceived in the fourth quarter totaled EUR 41.6 (44.6) million. The volume of orders received grew 26 percentcompared with the previous quarter. - Glaston's order book on 31December 2009 stood at EUR 45.5 (62.5) million. - Consolidated net sales totaled EUR 151.8 (270.4) million. Final quarter net sales totaled EUR 35.8 (68.9) million. - The operating result was a loss of EUR 55.3 (6.1 loss) million, i.e. -36.4 (-2.3)percentof net sales

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