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CGA to set up chapters in areas not represented by a glass association

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The Canadian Glass Association,Surrey, BC,is reaching out to solidify its status as a national association for glaziers, according to a Jan. 5 release. At its recent board meeting, held in Pickering, ON, the CGA decided to help set up local associations for glass companies in provinces and territories that currently do not have an association representing them.

Zana Gordon, the executive director for the CGA says she has spoken to several glass shop owners in these areas who want to join but do not have the resources to establish an association for themselves. She explains that the CGA bylaws dictate the membership to the CGA is through affiliated glass industry associations. Joining a glass association in any province automatically entitles individual companies to a membership in the national association. “These companies are interested in apprenticeship training and other resources that the CGA offers, so we needed to amend our bylaws so we can reach out to all of the people who don’t have access to a provincial association,” said Gordon, in the release. Presently, only British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario have glass associations that are recognized members of the CGA.

At its meeting, the directors passed a motion to take the initiative and set up chapter associations in Manitoba, OC, the Atlantic Provinces, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The CGA will cover the costs, of about $200, to register each association and develop their constitution, set budgets and write their bylaws.

CGA president Richard Verdon said he will personally travel to many of these locations to assist them with their startups. “It’s very important that we have representation from all provinces and territories in Canada and I am looking forward to visiting them to let them know that we can all work together towards the betterment of our industry,” he said in the release.

Meanwhile the CGA will convene a Special Resolution meeting in April to vote on changes to the bylaw that will allow individual members to join until an association is established in their area, including the United States.

“That will allow glass shops to benefit from the resources and programs we now offer immediately,” said Verdon, in the release. “This is the ultimate goal of CGA. To reach out and help all glass professionals across the country.”

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