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IGMA hosts summer meeting

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The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance, Ottawa, Ontario, held its Summer Technical MeetingsJune 17-19 at the Hyatt Regency Montreal (Quebec). IGMA provided the following meeting results and comments:The Certification & Education Committee reviewed the PowerPoint presentation for TM‐4000, an introductory overview on how to use the manual and implement a quality control program for a manufacturer’s specific requirements. Each section is addressed with a minimum of four slides. Each section includes the purpose of the section, key considerations for this element, sample work instructions to provide guidance and sample forms to indicate the information that should be captured. The presentation will be balloted to the Certification & Education Committee. The document revision of TM‐4000‐02(07) which will result in two separate documents is under the responsibility of the Technical Services Committee.

The Glazing Guidelines Working Group focused on the current activities of the joint IGMA‐[Glass Association of North America, Topeka, Kan.] Task Group developing manufacturing guidelines for the use of capillary tubes. Key design considerations have been developed and the task group is now developing language for each of the items included in the technical bulletin. This group meets online in between IGMA and GANA meetings.

For the Gas Permeability Working Group, Canadian Building Envelope Science and Technology, or CAN-BEST, Brampton, Ontario, presented the design for the new test cell and test sample specification for Phase 2 – Evaluation of the Gas Permeability of Edge Seal Assemblies. Over the next two weeks, CAN‐BEST will validate the effectiveness and the repeatability of the cell to measure samples at the sensitivity required. The working group approved the work to date and will meet by conference call and Webinar to monitor the remainder of stage 1. Once the test cell design has been validated and approved, the project will proceed to stage 2, the actual testing of samples.

The Thermal Stress Working Group group reviewed and finalized a list of conditions. Volunteers were selected to write the text for each condition and identify the single condition for the potential for low, medium or high thermal stress. The group will develop guidelines for combination of conditions once the information has been approved for individual ones.

This was the first meeting of the Design Considerations for Multiple Airspace IGUs. The group will develop a technical report addressing issues such as thermal stress, gas content, wind load, stresses on seal system, coatings, fabrication techniques, altitude limits, glazing considerations such as misalignment, non structural intermediate layers such as suspended coated film, glass thickness (asymmetric constructions, glass and airspace), structural glazing applications, exterior condensation and optical considerations that may have special considerations for triple, quad and greater glazed IGUs.

The Technical Services Committee reviewed the status of code changes in Canada and the U.S., new requirements for the Energy Star programs in Canada and the U.S., approved funding for the ASTM Thermal Stress project and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, Schaumburg, Ill., Sloped Glazing document revision, approved participating in a cross organization publication resource library, reviewed the status of the TM‐4000‐02(07) document revision and the current status of working group projects.

The technical presentations focused on new and emerging technologies to increase the thermal performance of fenestrations systems including a thermoreflective product, photovoltaic/electrochromism hybrid technology and a thermoreflective product. The three presenters were from RavenBrick LLC, Denver, Switch Materials Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia, andExova, formerly Bodycote Testing Group, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The meeting was paperless. All documents, presentations and other materials were provided on a USB drive sponsored by Edgetech IG, Cambridge, Ohio. Agendas and minutes were posted in advance of the meetings so delegates could download them.

IGMA’s next meeting, the 2010 Annual Conference, will be held at the GANA Glass Week meeting, March 24-27, 2010, Las Vegas.

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