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NGA to form committee

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The National Glass Association, an American National Standards Institute accredited standards developer, will hold an organizational conference call meeting of parties interested in the creation of a national best practices standard for uniform labeling of auto glass installation adhesives, according to a Dec. 17 release. The meeting will be held on a day to be determined during the first two weeks of January 2009.

The new Committee will be called the Automotive Replacement Glass Uniform Labeling of Adhesives Standard Development Committee. The work of ARGULA will be complemented by the availability of an industry best practice for adhesive labeling created in February 2007 by the NGA’s Product Identification Standards Committee. That document set forth one consistent system for labeling individual containers, cases and pallets of adhesives and primers as well as mixed packages of both adhesives and primers, according to the release.

ARGULA will bring auto glass wholesalers/distributors and retailers together with adhesive manufacturers to ensure the minimum recommended labeling information contained in the PIDS best practice would meet the needs of the entire distribution and supply chain. A key goal of ARGULA is to give auto glass replacement retailers one consistent system to use in recording the brand, type and batch of adhesive and primer used in the replacement of every windshield. To this end, ARGULA will invite the participation of three main groups: adhesive manufacturers; wholesalers/distributors of auto glass and adhesives; and retail auto glass replacement companies.

The new ARGULA Standard Development Committee will follow guidelines established by ANSI so that the final work product will qualify as an ANSI-recognized national standard. Interested parties are asked to contact Leo Cyr at leo@glass.org.

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