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Solar theme continues at glasstec with symposiums

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Ingo Hagemann, architect and consultant, Hagemann Architects & BIPV Consultants, Germany, presented Architecture and Photovoltaics, Oct. 23, at glasstec, Dusseldorf, Germany.

“Photovoltaic is a booming industry, with a growth rate of 10 percent,” Hagemann said. “The question is, do buildings need photovoltaics?”

Buildings need to be energy savers, not energy users, Hagemann said. “Save energy, increase energy efficiency and use active solar systems, such as PVs,” he said. “The ‘gold’ of our future is solar active building envelopes.”

“BIPVs have many benefits,” he said. “They provide weather protection, noise protection, sun protection, modulation of lights and solar and thermal advantages, among others.” PVs can be integrated as roof tiles, pre-fabricated roofs, in facades or glued to the cladding. “The entire architecture of a building can adapt to the solar modules,” he said.

A successful building integration of PVs would involve a symbiosis of three components: building construction issues, aesthetical issues and electrical issues, Hagemann said. “PVs are the cornerstone of sustainable design,” Hagemann said. “PV technology and components are mature, but we need to invest more in PV training and transfer technology from research into practice.

“We need to market it differently,” Hagemann added. “So far it’s been used only by people who want to be precursors. Why not advertise PVs on TV?”

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