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Diesel tumbles, building materials rise; Ike spares output

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The producer price index (PPI) for finished goods tumbled 1.6 percentbefore seasonal adjustment (-0.9percentseasonally adjusted) in August but rose 9.6percentover the past 12 months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday, according to The Data DIGest Sept. 16. The PPI for inputs to construction industries, a weighted average of materials used in every type of construction plus items consumed by contractors, such as diesel fuel, was flat for the month and up 13 percent over 12 months. For the month, the indexes declined sharply for nonresidential segments but rose for residential construction, but nonresidential costs still rose more over 12 months. One- and 12-month changes were -1.3percentand 22percentfor PPI for highway and street construction; -1.0percentand 17percentfor other heavy construction; -0.4percentand 12percentfor nonresidential buildings; 0.1percentand 9.2percentfor new multi-unit residential; and 0.9percentand 8.4percentfor new single-unit residential. The disparities are largely traceable to diesel fuel, which plummeted 20percentfor the month but was up 50percentover 12 months; diesel is a major input for highway and other heavy construction.

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