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Arch adds heat-soaking service

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Officials at Arch Aluminum & Glass, Tamarac, Fla., announced this month that the company was offering heat soaking capability for its heat treated glass products. Viracon, Owatonna, Minn., J.E. Berkowitz, Pedricktown, N.J., and Prelco, Quebec, are three companies in North America that also offer the service. What makes Arch’s move significant is its 32 locations. “If there is a specification that calls for heat soaking of glass, we will be able to provide, no matter the location,” says Max Perilstein, vice president of marketing for Arch. “We will not heat soak all glass, only the glass that is specified to have this process. There is an [additional cost], but at this point we have not decided exactly what our game plan is here. That issue is still pretty fluid.” During the heat soaking process, the glass is heated in an oven to a certain temperature for a specific amount of time, usually two hours. The process has been proven to reduce the potential for spontaneous breakage that occurs due to nickel sulfide inclusions in tempered glass. The Des Moines Public Library Board of Trustees filed a lawsuit Jan. 16 against the local architect and the glass installer over the breakages at the 21-month-old Central Library. Nickel sulfide inclusions in the all-glass façade of were blamed for more than 30 broken lites. Read more here. “Remember the heat soak process only reduces the chances at breakage, it does not eliminate them,” Perilstein says. “So there will still be people who in the end decide it’s not a luxury they want to pay for. We got into it because we were getting more and more requests to do it.” The demand for heat soak testing remains constant, says Christine Shaffer, marketing manager, Viracon. “Viracon has offered heat-soak testing for over 20 years,” she says. “We installed specialized heat-soak equipment in the 1980s. Five years ago, we took heat-soak testing to a new standard with new equipment and new procedures consistent with DIN Standard, DIN EN 14179-1. Our confidence with the new equipment and procedures provides the assurance to offer a warranty for glass breakage, and replacement glazing labor, when breakage is due to nickel sulfide inclusions.” J.E. Berkowitz customers typically ask for heat soaking for higher-end projects. “JEB has been providing heat soak testing for approximately the last 10 years,” said Robert Price, director of sales for J.E. Berkowitz. “Coinciding with our move in 2007 we upgraded our heat soak testing capacity. “Typically, we are processing, fully tempered glass, for ‘demanding’ or higher risk applications, such as canopies, point support applications, etc. In addition, to its function of testing for defects in glass, NiS, it also provides an additional check, for proper and clean fabrication in the area of notching, holes and edgework.” Perilstein says Arch’s numerous locations will benefit customers on shipping costs. “This is an acquired taste and not yet going to be the everyday norm,” Perilstein says. “Its niche comes on bigger and more intense projects, and the fact that reducing breakage on the upfront is an insurance policy of sorts because it will be extremely costly to replace it later. “More and more people will offer it,” he says. Share this article:

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