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Fenzi car glass in 2013

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The Fenzi group, a leading name in chemical products for the secondary processing of flat glass, has embarked on a new challenge. The company has decided to put itself to the test in the sophisticated field of car glass with a new range of highly specialized Tempver ceramic paints. This will extend the range of applications offered by the group’s Ceramic Paints Division. Starting this year, R&D efforts will focus on producing special technologies for advanced and specialized processing.Car glass calls for particularly strict technical requirements which means special solutions for tempering and painting the glass. The company is in a good position to take on this new challenge because of its experience with paints for screen-printing, enameling and satin-finishing glass - for which there is an ever growing demand in architecture, design and household appliances - bringing useful developments to the sector.The group’s first products could hit the market between the end of 2013 and early 2014. In order to tackle this new challenge it plans to invest in expanding and upgrading Fenzi laboratories in Tribiano, where the glass paints division is based. 18.03.2013, FENZI S.p.A.

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