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Fire 3.0: SCHOTT ROBAX? introduces new angular glass-ceramic panels for fireplaces -3- dimensional is now the new standard

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The international technology group SCHOTT is now the first manufacturer to launch glass-ceramic fireplace viewing panels in multiple angular shapes that feature more than two bending edges. True to the motto “the new standard is 3-dimensional,” the company is unveiling its new shapes for the first time ever at the ISH trade exhibition in Frankfurt/Main. The world´s largest angular shaped ROBAX® panel will also be among them. “Our new multiple angular shaped glass-ceramic viewing panels offer panoramic viewing of the fire, thus creating an experience similar to sitting around a campfire,” explains Isabel Eymael, Marketing Manager for SCHOTT ROBAX®.SCHOTT will be offering its new ROBAX® panels with up to four parallel bending edges. As an alternative, two edges can even run non-parallel to one another. Now, even the largest format in stock, nearly two meters long, can be produced in an angular shape. “We would be happy to consider all geometries of interest”, Eymael confirmed.This wide variety of products opens up completely new design options for fireplace designers and manufacturers. “We will definitely be adding even more designs for fireplaces just in time for the next winter season,” Eymael adds.Decorative colors that SCHOTT ROBAX® introduced last year with a special printing technique to create a metallic appearance with a 3-D effect are quite popular with customers. A decorative element of a 3-dimensional panel can be even further enhanced by adding this ‘METALLIC Design Effect’. “The trend toward panels that are as large as possible and 3-dimensional, and often even with decorative designs, is certain to continue in 2013,” Eymael concludes. SCHOTT ROBAX® is a high-quality German brand of fireplace viewing panels that was first introduced in 1979.More than 70 million of these high-strength glass-ceramic panels have been sold all over the world. Thanks to its transparency, high resistance to temperatures and resistance to breakage, they are primarily used as fireplace viewing panels. Tinted versions of ROBAX® are also available for use in the exteriors and interiors of fireplaces and stoves. ROBAX® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG. 18.03.2013, SCHOTT AG

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