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Submission of draft for conference Glassman Warsaw 2013

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Day One:Tuesday 7th MayExhibition opening hours: 09.30 – 18.00Conference hours: 14.00 – 17.30 (approx)14.00 – 14.25‘Building a glass plant in Poland’St?lzle Glass: Johannes Schick, CEO14.25 – 14.50‘The container glass industry and the EU’ (provisional)FEVE: Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General14.50 – 15.15‘Energy Saving, Production Increase and NOx Reduction - ggENOx – the Omnipotent Solution’Glass Global: Claas Heymann, Engineering Manager15.15 – 15.40‘Glass under pressure’British Glass: John Stockdale, Environmental Director-BREAK-16.00 – 16.10Title – TBAPolish Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials:Małgorzata Marecka, Research Assistant16.10 – 16.35‘Decision making in the glass industry’Henderson Technology: John Henderson, Managing Director16.35 – 17.00‘The Tses Glass Project’Tses Glass: Simon Kapenda, Chief Planner and Economic Development Officer17.00 – 17.25‘ancorro - Lowering of refractory corrosion’Freiberg University: Rolf Weigand, Project ManagerDay Two:Wednesday 8th MayExhibition opening hours: 09.30 – 16.00Conference hours: Morning 10.00 – 12.30, Afternoon 14.00 – 16.00 (approx)10.00 – 10.25‘Efficient use of electric melting in tableware production’Arc International/AGMS: Laurent Derigny, Project Engineer10.25 – 10.50‘Electric Boosting Technology For Glass Melting Furnace: Optimisation of Furnace Design by Mathematical Modelling’Glass Service: Miroslav Kovác10.50 – 11.15´How to improve forming and save energy’Pneumofore: Mauro Ferrero, Director of Sales11.15 – 11.40‘The variation in forehearth operation performance statistics’Forehearth Services: John McMinn, Managing Director11.40 – 12.05‘From zero defects delivery to zero defects production’Xpar Vision: Jeroen Vincent, Sales Manager12.05 – 12.30‘Innovation in the cold end, the Ranger camera check detection solution’Heye International: Mark Ziegler, Marketing Manager-BREAK-14.00 – 14.25‘Automatic and objective measurement of annealing stress and cord stress in container glass’Ilis GmbH: CEO Henning Katte14.25 – 14.50‘Optimisation in container inspection using Intelligent Software’Tiama - MSC & SGCC: Laurent Barel, Product Manager14.50 – 15.15‘Advanced turnkey vision solutions’JLI Vision: Jørgen Læssøe, President15.15 – 15.40‘Improvement of existing stem ware production lines’Athena: Klaus P?ting, Agent15.40 – 16.05‘The importance of a monitoring system for container glass manufacturing’Vertech’: Andrea Borgno or Melanie Basset 14.03.2013, Glass International \ Quartz Business Media Ltd

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