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You’re sure to find the right door

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Easy to choose and easy to install – that’s what the new modular system of the “Teckentrup 62” door series is all about. Fire resistance, additional features, rebate shape, wall type, frame type and special equipment can all be freely determined using the modular system principle. The doors always look alike, despite them having different functions. The series was presented to the specialist audience for the first time at BAU.Teckentrup Managing Director Meinolf Funkenmeier explains the modular system that was the driving force behind the development of the “Teckentrup 62” series as follows: “One door type has all the solutions: the parameters can be individually determined, but installation always takes place using the same procedure. As such, the time advantage that the new frame installation method offers can normally be capitalised on. The installation method itself only uses a small number of fixing points. The installation now takes place using a frame anchor; this procedure eliminates the need for wall plugs. The base element is the galvanised and prime coated door leaf, which is 62 millimetres in width. The other characteristics can be easily selected from the following: T30, T60 or T90 fire protection, smoke protection, break-in protection or sound insulation, with thin or thick rebate (or even flush closing), corner frame, counter frame, closed frame or block frame, glazing elements, RAL colour and more. Funkenmeier said: “The 62er system is particularly good for larger properties, as the customer receives doors that all look the same – regardless of their functional specification”.We’ve got the niches covered as well: break-in protection and break-out protectionFor special conditions, Teckentrup also still develops doors that are not constructed using a modular system. At BAU, one of the things that the company presented was a range of new solutions for break-in protection. Funkenmeier said: “There are two-leaf solutions for fire protection available up to class RC4.” The bullet-proof RC4 door offers even greater protection. This now fulfils fire protection up to T30 and sound insulation up to 45 dB. Mentioning another niche product, Funkenmeier said: “The new prison cell door offers protection the other way and we now offer a range of different food hatches for it”.The company is cementing its place as a complete provider with a range of design-orientated doors (all-glass fire protection door, flush-closing fire protection door). Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are available for all the products. 08.02.2013, Teckentrup GmbH & Co. KG

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