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PPSP began commercial production stemalita

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Perm Plant of Silicate Panels (PPSP) was the first in the Perm region began commercial production stemalita - a popular material in architecture and interior design. In the workshop of glass products of "PPSP" commissioned machine enamelling glass. The new equipment allows for new businesses and for the entire region product - stemalit.

Stemalit - it's tempered glass, one side of which is applied a color coat of ceramic paint, which is baked in the oven. Paint becomes part of the glass and can not be removed even by mechanical action.


In the production stemalita glass sheet first passes through the coloring machine and then through the furnace for tempering large size glass. The result is a heavy-duty opaque and the safest material. Tempered glass is not broken down in the fall sharp fragments, that is, it can be used for facade work at any height.


The new plant can be painted about 50 square meters. meters an hour glass. PPSP today the only company in the region, owning this type of equipment and the ability to produce such products on an industrial scale. Nearest stemalita manufacturers are in Chelyabinsk.


"Stemalit now very popular material, it is a trend - both in architecture and interior design. Of the total applications received by the department of glass products, 70% contain the position of stemalita "- the experts sales PPSP.


This glass will be primarily interested construction companies involved in the design of facades. In addition, because stemalita can make furniture, doors, shop equipment, partitions, etc. PPSP plans to release Stemalit not only for sales to third parties, but also to use it for their own construction projects. Engineering Company intend to visually "facilitate" standard building facades, glazing "on the floor" all balconies home series E-600 using stemalita. It is also planned to introduce a variety of colors in the design of building structures of glass stemalita.

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