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Keraglass Industries S.r.l. at glasstec 2014

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The Keraglass brand is well established worldwide for its quality and reliability with more than almost 20 years experience in the glass industry. The company provides complete industrial solutions for the flat glass and bent tempered glass sectors whilst also providing a broad range of products for screen printing and drying.  


Working closely with customers Keraglass provides tailored solutions to meet customer requirements carefully planning each project individually from discussion and flat plan design through to installation and aftersales care. Whilst the company provides an extensive range of coating, cleaning, screen printing and lamination equipment, where Keraglass excels is furnaces. The range is vast and can cater for all sized companies requirements. The KCF, continuous furnace for tempering flat glass has been developed for companies with a high production capacity, making it perfect for those producing large volumes of glass products such as IGU manufacturers, or the producers of photovoltaic, automotive and household products such as shower panels.


Additionally Oscillating furnaces in the range such as the TEKNO TRONIK and DOUBLE STAR systems provide a quality alternative tempering furnace for flat glass. The DOUBLE STAR furnaces are equipped with a PRE-HEATING convective chamber which meets stringent industry standards meeting all the UNI requirements.


The Double Star is, at present, Keraglass’s flagship product as, after seven years from the first furnace with pre-heating chamber, we can now say that we were right to insist on having the pre-heating chamber for low-E glass. This is because, by using air to preheat the glass, the results are excellent with regards to tempering quality – starting right form 0,01.


Pre-heating the low-E glass with air at 500°C, using internal circulation of the hot air, and thus eliminating the possibility of contamination.


At the same time, there is a considerably increase in production as glass can be pre-heated, while other glass (at 700°C) can be heated in the furnace at the same time.


This chamber is ideal for low-E glass, ensuring shorter production times with higher production quantities (about 30 per cent) and more or less the same costs. Moreover, quality is higher as the flatness of the glass is guaranteed.


The TEKNO furnaces for flat glass are equipped with a proven Keraglass technology called “past trough quench” which are aimed at high optical quality products and glass flatness. Additionally they reduce energy consumption and are capable of tempering low thickness glass (2.8 mm), thanks to an additional fan.


The TRONIK tempering furnaces for flat glass production are equipped with a highly efficient convection system, which provides pre-heated air at 500°C and is suitable for tempering the latest LOW-E glasses up to thicknesses of 4-19 mm.


Oscillating electric tempering plants for bending and tempering glass, such as the KBO ONE WAY and the KBFO TWO WAYS have been designed with a unique patented system that has a continuous loop and off-set tempering system that enables manufacturers to produce cylindrical, spherical and other complex shapes in the same plant.


Keraglass has, since 2010, started to work with laminating with completely automatic lines, the KST, using PVB sheets, also automatic with regards to the assembly of the glass and PVB.


And, especially with regards to this sector, the company carries out the manufacture of these machines entirely in-house – even horizontal washing machines, Moreover, the furnace also opens for maintenance, the only one of its kind in production worldwide.


Keraglass supplies also Leader Lami multi-level furnaces with independent chambers each with a laminating trolley; in the higher chambers, there is also the possibility of laminating curved glass sheets drying of marble and special screen printed glass thanks to fans which, by means of convection, heat all areas of the chamber uniformly.


Also available is the single-chamber Leader Lami HST TOP 8 multi-level kiln, which can laminate flat and bent glass of various combinations and thicknesses. The HST TOP 8 – which also functions as a heat-soak oven – can be fitted with a vertical heat-soak testing trolley or an 8-level rack for laminating and screen-printed drying.


Warmly welcome to visit Keraglass Industries member of Emmegi group at glasstec: Hall 16 / A5.

Source: Keraglass Industries S.r.l.Author: shangyi

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