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BENTELER - Laminating Lines - For all requirements the right solution

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Over the last few years, the requirements in glass processing have risen. In addition, the demands vary from customer to customer.  Due to its more than 60 years of experience in glass processing, Benteler offers a wide range of laminating lines, from a manual to a fully automatic line for all common types of foil (PVB, EVA, SentryGlass® (by DuPont)). Because of this, they can meet the various requirements of glass manufacturers. The Benteler standard machine tecLami Line based on a standardized modular concept for various glass sizes is a cost effective alternative to customized lines.

The tecLami Line is a perfect start-up line which can be extended at any time. This line has all important components for the laminating process. The Custom Size Laminating Line is build for a flexible automatic or semi automatic production with high output.


With the automatic PVB laying and trimming for rectangular double glass production the line needs no manual operation in the assembly room. The PVB storage is installed in the first floor with the possibility to handle cooled and interlayer PVB films.


The Automatic Custom Size Laminating Line is for an automatic process with high output of double laminated glass with automatic film laying function from one to three PVB films at the same time. Due to the flexibility with the different programs, like automatic PVB laying and trimming or manual assembly with trimming, the customer has always the possibility to use the optimal program to produce fast and cost efficient.


The Jumbo Size Laminating Line is for full automatic PVB production with automatic trimming and a high output with standard DLF and PLF formats. The line provides optimal results within a cycle time up to 45 seconds. Due to the stable design, the lines are especially for a 3- shifts operation.


All Benteler Laminating Lines are equipped with a high quality washing machine and a energy-optimized furnace. Due to the long experience and the continuous development of laminating lines, Benteler can offer you lines with a state-of-the- art technology, energy-optimized and in a proven quality. A sophisticated design and a reliable partner create the basis for a successful cooperation with customers.


Benteler has proven that even in these recent years of economic uncertainty, their technological know-how and creative solutions can help customers on any scale reach, and sometimes exceed, their productivity and quality standards. Benteler strives towards its goal: to make the most compact, reliable, and flexible lines possible for customers around the world.

Source: Benteler Maschinenbau GmbHAuthor: shangyi

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