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Increase the load through technology

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New technology for interaction with large shippers and operators of rolling stock will test at the Kuibyshev road. Experienced transportation under this scheme, which will bring together the resources of enterprises and relieve infrastructure will begin in October.

In the area of ??responsibility of the station Red Walk the Volga-Kama region Kuibyshev road three mining and processing plant: LLC "Tashlinsky GOK", JSC "Quartz" and OOO "Kvartsverke Ulyanovsk", are engaged in mining and processing of sand for glass and optical industries. During the summer, they do not just make claims that the railroad is unable to cope with the removal of all to produce the goods.


On average per day from three plants at the station Red Walk was loaded 63 car, which had to be sent to the station Ulyanovsk-Central. And from there to the companies came rolling about 20 different owners. The wagons send for a purpose to the station alone and in different driveways.


As a result, as driveways and paths station Red Walk were scored empty rolling stock, the rhythm of feeding and sending cars lacking. Ensure timely removal of the finished product of all three plants was very difficult. We have proposed a new scheme of interaction of shippers, excluding congestion of cars for the loading operation.


Upcoming changes discussed with shippers and operators - owners of rolling stock, as well as with related directorates. Agreed that on even days factories will produce the goods at the direction of Ulyanovsk, and in odd - aside Syzran. The fact that the station is located on the Red Walk single-track rokadnoy line between the two cities. Changing distribution patterns laden wagon flow thus avoiding additional processing odd wagon flow for station Ulyanovsk, reduce the load on the hump complex freed path and reduce the delivery time of goods. Respectively, decreased the risk of claims.


Another factor that complicates the work stations - faulty commercial or technical rolling stock. The analysis showed that the plant workers Walk Red wagon economy and shippers on the technical, commercial and other reasons rejected about 8.7% of arriving empty wagons. With the loading station, they had to go back to the station Ulyanovsk-Central for sending to repair depots. This extra movement involved the way, etc. The problem was solved as follows. In the center of the road traffic management plan to reallocate responsibilities Manager Regulatory car fleet. Now he will be responsible for execution of the order generated by shippers.


And also interact with the owners of the rolling stock. Service workers and farm wagon priёmosdatchiki cars will determine according to their technical and commercial condition in the park arrival station Ulyanovsk. The results of the inspection, which feature in the e-zine will be available to employees of the station Red Walk. Due to this, we cut off the possibility of moving to the loading station of defective cars: they will be immediately forwarded to the repair wagon depots at the request of the operators.


In collaboration with the controller to regulate the car fleet DTSUP shippers to determine in advance the necessary rolling stock. On the basis of applications generated purchase order, which is passed to the dispatcher shunting station Ulyanovsk on the formation of two or trёhgruppnyh trains appointment to Red Walk with the selection by the nature of the rolling stock and uncommon ways. As a result, the owners of the cargo may increase the amount of product shipment, rolling stock owners receive a large share of loaded wagons while reducing unproductive downtime "abandoned" trains and reduce the turnaround time of the car, and OAO "RZD" increases profits from the carriage of goods and efficient use of technical resources and infrastructure .

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