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State support of investment projects

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As part of working with the Organizing Committee of "Regions - Sustainable Development" on competitive selection of investment projects September 25, 2014 signing of the Agreement on cooperation between the authorized body of the organizing committee - NP "Coordination Center for Regional Development" and "StekloSouz" of Russia.

The parties will collaborate in the following areas:


- Sampling and analysis of investment projects submitted through a competitive selection process by the Organising Committee "Regions - Sustainable Development", with the aim of peer review and recommendations according to their qualitative improvement, enhance the investment attractiveness;


- Cooperation in attracting private investment in projects implemented with the involvement of private investors and the state support programs of public-private partnership.


Under the Agreement on "StekloSouz" performs the following functions:


- Participates as an expert organization in the activities conducted by the Partnership on the analysis and implementation of using a public-private partnership investment projects and programs;


- Carrying out work on the structuring of projects received for consideration, in order to increase their investment attractiveness;


- Decides to participate in the implementation of investment projects and submitting them for consideration by decision makers to attract private investment and government support funds, by way of the Partnership to enter into.


The main purpose of the interaction with the Organizing Committee "Regions - Sustainable Development" and NP "Coordination Center for Regional Development" is to create a system of universal order with investment projects implemented with state support, development and adoption of common standards and regulations of interaction with financial institutions, government authorities, enterprises (initiators of investment projects) and investors in preparation for the implementation of investment projects in the framework of the implementation of project financing mechanism.


The main objectives are:


- The selection, classification and examination of investment projects related to the creation of new enterprises in the real sector of the economy and meeting the requirements imposed on the projects eligible for funding support;


- Work with the private investors at the stage of their decisions on the allocation of investment funding for projects of up to 35% of the total project cost;


- Work with credit institutions at the stage of their decision on the allocation of investment funding for projects of up to 70% of the total project cost;


- Selection of the best realized investment projects with participation of investors who are able to replicate.

Source: http://www.steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=3073Author: shangyi

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