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Azerbaijan discusses the construction of a plant for the production of glass

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Azerbaijan is going to construct a new plant for the production of glass, said Shahin Mustafayev, Economy and Industry Minister during the conference titled “Industrialization in the 21st Century: Key trends, modern approach and experience of industrial policy” held in Baku on November 26.


He noted that discussions on this issue are underway.


In Azerbaijan, there are no plants producing flat glass, which is used in the construction, furniture and automotive industries.


There are several factories in Azerbaijan producing glass so, the glass containers purchase raw materials from abroad. Among them are Inter Glass, Glass House and Azer Glass. Inter Glass is the biggest enterprise in this field in Caucasus. It produces 100 million pieces of glass per year.


Alongside with the domestic supplies, the plant exports its products to Georgia and Russia. The raw materials come from Azerbaijani Ganja and Gazakh regions as well as Ukraine and Russia.


Another Azerbaijani producer of glass, the Glass House company produced bullet-proof glass for the first time in the country in 2012. The glass allows bullets of "Makarov", "Kalashnikov" and a sniper rifle gun types pass its produced glasses. Its products have been designed for banks, law enforcement agencies and representative offices of foreign companies.


Talking about industrial parks, established in Azerbaijan, he said that Sumgayit and Balakhani as well as High-Tech Park industrial parks have been already opened in the country.


The minister also added that the construction works are underway for establishing oil and gas processing and petrochemical complex, complex for the production of steel, as well as Carbamide plant and a plant for the production of polymers.


Mustafayev stated that during the past years, five plants will be constructed as part of the CJSC “Azerbaijani complex on Steel Production” project. Their overall production amount will stand at a million ton of steel per year.


The CJSC was established by presidential decree in Azerbaijan in April, 2013. It controls design, construction and management of steel production plants in the Ganja and Dashkesan regions of the country.


The company covers all the plants stages - from mining of iron ore to steel production, use of new technologies in this field, modernization of material-technical base and its efficient use, as well as other work related to the development of the industry.


The CJSC “Dashkesan minerals processing”, owned by the state, was also included in the complex.

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