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The general director of the plant "Ekran" encourages the municipality to establish a system for collecting empties

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According to the General Director of JSC "Novosibirsk plant "Ekran" Paul Boboshika annually in Novosibirsk dumped in landfills 320-350 million pieces of glass bottles, of which melted come back to no more than 20%. The company declares its readiness to buy from the population to use glass bottles, as well as cullet for production needs, thereby reducing the benefit of the city environmental load.

The optimum ratio of charge (mixture of raw materials to be processed) and for the manufacture of glass cullet - 60 to 40. Currently, however, the proportion of cullet is only 15%: to meet the needs of the plant in the secondary raw materials supplier companies are not able to. Batch melts at higher temperatures than glass, so melting furnace burns faster. Extend the life of her work can ensure the production of recyclable materials in the required quantity.


- Glass on the "screen" is cooked at 1560 °, - says Paul Boboshik.- reduce power consumption and thus minimize the technological impact on the environment will allow the use of cullet in the amount of 60% - this is the figure, which is now approaching in Europe. General Director of "Ekran" believes that the municipality should go back to the Soviet experience in residential and open items for glass. This item is currently operating on the premises. For a month there is going to 6-7 tons of bottles and cans of white and colored glass, while a day "Ekran" required 100-120 tons, and in the last month about 5 000 tons.


At the same time, the organization receiving points of glass without a strong campaign support at the state level, aimed at promoting the separate collection of waste, according to Paul Boboshika will be ineffective and the shortage of cullet not solve.


- In the 90s a pr-campaign initiated in the Czech Republic - gives the example of the general director of "Ekran". - At first, everyone thought that nothing would come of it, but after a year and a half assorted rubbish 70% of families. And forced them to do their own children who are to follow, where parents discarded cans and bottles. As a pilot action in Novosibirsk installed special containers for the collection of glass, plastic and aluminum containers, of which it would be nice to increase. Practice shows that provided for them to expand the site do not have to. But, more importantly, to convince people to use these containers for other purposes.

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